A small business often needs help to grow. But if you’ve been denied a loan from a traditional bank, you may feel you’re out of options. That’s where Manhattan Solutions comes in. We are a solutions-based firm that can help you with the financing you need for your business in Brooklyn, NY. Whether you need a small business loan or a small business finance advance, we have what you need.

Loans vs. Advances

When you need financing for your small business, you have options, and understanding which one is best for you will ensure that your business receives the right financing for its needs.


Loans are often larger sums that you use to expand your business by expanding a building or investing in more assets or even paying bills you may have. When you receive one of our small business loans, you agree to pay the money you borrow back over a certain amount of time with a pre-determined interest rate.


While you still receive money with an advance, it is usually a smaller sum than with a loan. Though we can provide you with a cash advance of up to $5 million. A cash advance for a small business is great to meet capital requirements or to get enough working capital to get your business going. With one of our advances, we set a payback rate that will allow you to make manageable payments on a regular basis.

A Company That Works for You

Manhattan Solutions prides itself on helping small businesses grow, even if they don’t qualify for a traditional loan from a bank. We have worked with small business financing for over 20 years and treat each individual and business we work with as part of the family.

For your small business financing solutions, come to Manhattan Solutions today. Call us at (917) 647-7966 or fill out our contact form.